The Leadership Team Boot Camp™

Refocus your leadership team for higher performance

leadership exercise

The Leadership Team Boot Camp involves the senior managers and leaders of an organization (the senior team) and typically has 3 main elements which focus on building:

  1. senior team performance;

  2. individual leadership effectiveness - specifically in the area of communication; and
  3. alignment regarding the senior team's purpose, key organizational objectives and the action plans required to  carry the organization forward.

The Three Phases of The Leadership Team Boot Camp™:

  1. We start with a meeting between the CEO or President and myself to ensure alignment regarding the scope and objectives of the program. I will then meet with each member of the senior leadership team.
  2. I then design and deliver an off-site session where we lead the group through a series of exercises and workshops that address the objectives. Some specific elements could include:An exercise which looks at what gets in the way of effective teamwork especially on a senior leadership team, Exercises which explore and build connections between members of the senior team, The development of a simple senior team scorecard, which creates a metric that allows the members of the senior team to assess their own performance, Conversations which lead to the creation of a clear mission statement for the senior team, Skill building exercises relating to leadership communications, A SWOT exercise which drives the development of clear priorities for the senior team and then, the creation of action plans. 
  3. I return in 6 months and spend a half day with the senior team. I review how the team is doing and work with them to renew the commitments made to each other at the beginning of the LTBC.

To find out more about the Leadership Team Boot Camp™, please contact me.