Peter is highly skilled at bringing Senior Teams together in a non-confrontational manner and elevating discussion and more importantly subsequent decision making. I strongly recommend Peter.

Andrew Oland

President, Moosehead Breweries

I have had the pleasure of not only regularly seeing what Peter can do on a regular basis, but have also been directly impacted by his work. Peter brings a remarkable breadth of experience and wisdom to his work that you simply do not find elsewhere. I recommend Peter unconditionally.

Nasser Sahlool

Director of Strategic Planning, DAC Group Digital

Peter facilitated my CAFE Personal Advisory Group during our most recent retreat and he did a superb job. Established members were re-engaged and our new members felt welcome and connected. Peter is an excellent and experienced choice for any group or team facilitation.

Allen Taylor

Chairman, CAFE Canada

Peter's guidance in the area of leadership development and staff transition with my team stands out like a beacon guiding mariners across challenging waters to safe harbour. Knowing he was there with the team provided a level of comfort and security. I would strongly recommend Peter for any leadership transition program.

Jeff Maclean

(formerly CEO of Lundbeck Canada)

Peter has advised me in many areas in the three companies I have been with over our twenty year relationship. However, his guidance in the area of leadership development and staff transition stands out as providing tremendous value. The progress that our staff made through attendance at his programs showed not just in their improved performance but, as the years went on, also in the growth of both sales and profitability. I would highly recommend Peter for any program related to your company's staff development.

Ron Burke

CEO, myTego, Inc.

Peter has the career scope, leadership perspectives and creativity that make him a valued mentor and strategic business and life advisor. He never fails to inspire as he pushes his clients to challenge the norm...with his personal successes serving as impressive models to emulate. Pete gets top marks in my book!

Pat Folliott

Founder and CEO of RealityClick.com

Peter is one of the most inspiring business leaders I have met while working for TEC. His experience, his personality, his energy allow him to help CEOs grow and/or transform their organization.

Estelle Metayer

Adjunct Professor, McGill University

If you have a choice between Peter and anybody else to do something that is of great importance and you cannot choose-I know that you haven't done your homework. Peter hands down! Peter will tell you the truth with caring intent when others hesitate. He will hold up a mirror for you to see yourself with no judgement. He will offer advice if you ask or when he sincerely believes that he will make a difference in your life. He has the courage of a warrior and the heart of the Divine. You just have to be in his life and he in yours.

Ole Carlson

Author of Beneath The Armour: How Business Leaders Stand Tall