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What Managers Do: A Brief History of Management Theory

In the 130 years since Frederick Taylor took out his stopwatch and timed the activities of workers at the Midvale Steel Company in order to lay the foundations for a scientific understanding of work and how it can be guided and controlled, successive waves of new thinking have refined our understanding of what management is and what managers do.

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What is Organizational Culture?

The term “organizational culture” refers to a system of shared meanings within an organization. Just as tribal cultures have rules and taboos that dictate how members will act towards each other and outsiders, organizations have cultures that govern how members should behave.

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What CEOs Need from Key Executives: Leading Up

The term ‘Managing Up’ is sometimes used to describe the process of learning to effectively work with senior executives in an organization.

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Optimize your Leadership Development R.O.I.

Effective CEOs and business owners are constantly working to improve the leadership ability of their key executives. Typically these are people who hold important roles and big responsibilities.

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Check out the "Leadership In A Minute" video below. In it, Peter explains what being a leader is really about.